Narrating the story of Indian raw aesthetics and modern lifestyle, PeeliDori is an idea to create a lifestyle that is raw, classy, sustainable and organic.
It is an example of how the two worlds (urban and the rural) can come together and form a unique existence. Every corner of this world has a story to narrate. Inspired from these stories, Peeli Dori is a contemporary brand upholding the essence of Indian traditions and skills. The handcrafted products are a thread between Indian raw living and an urban lifestyle.The idea of repainting the hidden stories is the inspiration behind the yellow window which becomes the centre focus, and then everything goes along.
Niharika Chaudhary, the creative mind behind the brand, explains “Our style can be defined as, unadulterated raw aesthetics with a contemporary language. We are using design intervention to create a lifestyle with Indian crafts, keeping aside the pre-notions related to each of them. It has an edge in terms of its perspective towards the same story of Indian heritage, which has already been narrated in a lot of other forms.”


Started with an idea to get the craft culture of India compete with industrial products, in terms of finish and quality, the brand is currently working with more than 200 artisans, empowering them by making them a part of the urban niche sustainable fashion ecosystem. Nowthebrand has a clear/strong vision to bring forward the skilled clusters of the country, with knowledge of contemporary design aesthetics. The team of Peeli Dori is not only working with the local artists but also elevates their skill set by training them to create quality products by working with them on every product they create.
PeeliDori has made sustainability its mandate, the products are a blend of age-old artisanal techniques and new age design be it the clothing line or home furnishing. Every piece has been handcrafted by an artisan who has spent years learning and perfecting their art. Promoting sensible buying, the brand targets those who want to give back tothe society at every step.
To give every craftsman his due recognition, all the products of Peeli Dori comes with a tag telling the story of the artisan behind the making of it. 

About the Founder

Niharika Chaudhary, alumni of NIFT Delhi has a strong and expressive voice when it comes to design.The 22 year old fashion and interior designer has an eye for detail and expresses her style as minimalistic. Culture, stories, and colors are what drive Niharika and often inspire her work. She strongly believes that life and design should be uncluttered and should be kept simple and clean, so that they are versatile enough to compliment others. The designer is enthusiastic about Indian culture and the raw beauty aesthetics that we inherit in our ecosystem. She seeks newness in every aspect be it life or design.