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    Collection : PLANET A- There is no other planet to survive
    Exclusively Designed and Masterfully Crafted.
    ENSEMBLE : Paneled jacket with drawstring | Handwoven cotton culotte pants
    Description: Sustainable fashion is the new thing, not because it is some fancy new term, but because we need it at the this hour. This is the right time to save our PLANT A- earth from getting filled by hips of fabric and waste that we all drawn into. This limed edition collection, exclusively designed by doodlage for Peeli Dori, is about. converting the left over fabric from production, into a piece of art. Block printed fabric was collected from our production centers in various villages. The fabric was then given to Doodlage for further design process. Each garment was masterfully crafted and came out as one of a kind. No two pieces are alike. 
    This is a small collection with intricate details and exclusive design, but has a bigger impact and even a bigger objective behind it. Help us to bring a change. We did our bit now its your turn.
    Technique: Paneling, quilting, block printing, up-cycling
    Material: Hand woven cotton, Block printed with muslin lining

    Exclusively Handcrafted By:    

                                                            Details done by


    100% made in India product and uses traditional craft techniques. The unevenness adds to the beauty of the product, proclaiming it to be completely handcrafted. The may vary then the picture since it is an upcycled product.

    Instructions: Dry clean only.

    Caution: The product will dispose off some color, since it is hand dyed.